Amritsar Village Tour

Village Tour of Amritsar

Introduction: Rippling fields of wheat and mustard, tall glasses of lassi, hardworking farmers, joyous harvest festivals, and food rich with butter and ghee – these are the popular images associated with Punjab. This tour is an exploration of the countryside around Amritsar.

Tour Coverage: We will drive out of the city for one and a half hours, towards a small village. On the way you’ll see vast fields, orchards, tractors and trucks, rural markets selling farm implements, etc. Your guide will familiarize you with the basics of the economy, society and culture of rural Punjab.

In the village we'll take a walk around to see the typical structure and layout of houses, cattle sheds, etc. We will see the village shop, livestock grazing and feeding, and the drying of cowdung fuel cakes. We'll take a tractor ride through the beautiful fields and see the seasonal crops growing. We'll end at the home of a local family for tea and snacks. On the way back, we'll also see a traditional brick kiln where bricks are made by hand.
This tour is a great way to soak in the feel of Punjabi village life, and to see and understand the rural economy of India.

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